What to Pack for Your Wedding Weekend

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Ever since I was little, I’ve loved to make packing lists! There’s something about planning what I’ll need each day that gets me excited for whatever adventure is to come. My biggest packing extravaganza was definitely preparing for my month-long study abroad trip in France after sophomore year of college. But there’s something about planning what to pack for your wedding that makes it next-level real and exciting! Since Worsham and I got married near Tulsa (two hours from where we currently live), we had to pack for our wedding weekend and our honeymoon in Jamaica all at once. It can be a little overwhelming, which is why I made my list super early. Here’s what was on my list:

Wedding Day Outfits & Accessories – This includes the obvious things like your wedding dress, veil, shoes, rings, and earrings. Don’t forget about any other decorations you may have ordered (I ordered wedding wands & a ring bearer box off Etsy); what you want to wear while getting ready; your checkbook if you need to pay any vendors for extra hours; and any gifts you got for your bridesmaids/groomsmen and family members. And phone chargers (as if I need to remind anyone about their phones).

Personal Care Items – This includes any skincare items you use on the reg (don’t forget makeup wipes!), shower essentials (razor, shower gel, shampoo, lotion), hair tools (hair dryer, brush, flat iron, hair ties), and of course – makeup! Get as detailed as you want while making your list. I personally like to list out every piece of makeup I plan on using. This is especially important when you’re doing your own makeup for the big day. Don’t forget a great pair of false eyelashes! Other necessities? Your toothbrush and paste (duh), retainer, eye drops, your fave pillow, nail polish & remover, and any vitamins/medications.

You can read about what makeup I used for the wedding here.

Pro tip: Hit up a health food store and get some l-theanine to help with nerves. It’s a natural supplement that helps you relax. I probably had at least 4 that morning because I was so wound up!

All Other Outfits & Accessories – Plan out a realistic outfit count so you don’t overpack. I got as specific as how many outfits I would need on our honeymoon and what those outfits would be. Remember to bring something to wear the day before your wedding and the day after too, of course. No matter where you travel to, make sure you have a good pair of walking shoes.

Travel Essentials – Naturally the most important thing to remember if you’re leaving the country is your passport and plane ticket/hotel info. And remember, just because you got married doesn’t mean your name has somehow changed by the time you get to the airport in two days. Nah, brah. That process takes quite a while! Anyway, pack your sunscreen no matter where you go along with some Dramamine and Advil. If you’re going to Jamaica, you’ll need Dramamine for more than just the plane ride – they drive crazy AF there. It’s okay because there’s cute baby animals everywhere to stare at while you hang on for dear life, though. We also brought along a disposable camera and backpack for our dolphin excursion. If you’re staying at a Sandals, they should tell you what to bring if you do any extra outings. Leave a copy of your flight and hotel info with one of your parents too.

Happy packing!







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