We Bought A House!

If you had told me this time last year that we’d be homeowners before 2017 was up, I’d have laughed in your face. Buying a house was not even on our radar, much less buying a house in Oklahoma. In fact, 21-year-old me would probably have a mental breakdown if she knew what was to come. 27-year-old me, however, has finally learned that happiness doesn’t depend on where you live. Ultimately, it comes from within and from surrounding yourself with the right people.

It sounds like a really simple concept to grasp, but I struggled with it for years. Sure, I knew in theory that happiness wasn’t dependent on a certain location…and yet, it always seemed like it was. I almost felt like I was betraying a part of myself by not moving off to Boston after college like I planned. But I also wasn’t planning on not ending up with my ex-boyfriend who lived there either. That’s the funny thing about plans – the Universe doesn’t care if you make them.

This is all to say this: Some of the happiest times in your life will come from things you didn’t see coming. The ones you never planned for at all.


Anyway, fast forward to September/October 2017. Worsham and I were browsing rent houses (they were all hideous) and checking out different apartment complexes (weren’t any better than our current one). We had several weird experiences at our apartment despite it being in a nice location at a good complex (e.g. our neighbor’s literally insane girlfriend being off her meds and trying to assault Worsham at 3 a.m. COOL). That’s when we knew it was time to get out of there for real and buy a house.

We didn’t have money saved up except for a little bit we had left from our wedding, but after a few weekends of house hunting with our realtor (and 2 failed offers on other houses), we had our home! If you’ve bought a house before, you know it’s way more involved than that, but it honestly was an enjoyable experience overall. I loved getting to see so many different styles of houses and what they had to offer. Thankfully, we were able to skip the whole “starter home” concept and get everything we wanted, which is one huge perk to staying in Oklahoma. You get so much more for your money. For real, there’s a house down the street from ours that sold for only 230k and it looks like a $1M home inside. We ended up in Yukon (where my husband is from) and are literally obsessed with this house. I could turn into a hermit, and pretty much have the past couple of months in an attempt to avoid the flu. So far, my hermit-like tactics have worked!

Here’s a little glimpse into our biggest and best purchase yet! We still have things left to do, but it’s coming along very well.

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If you’re around the central OK area, check out Krista Martin from Exit Realty and Cassie Schultheis from Bank2. They were wonderful! Also, if you’re a Native American remember that your tribe can help out with loans as well. Shout out to the Choctaw Nation for helping with part of our down payment. :)


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