Green Beauty Spotlight: 100 Percent Pure

100 Percent Pure is one of my favorite beauty brands lately! I wish there was a store in Oklahoma so I could behold all of the greatness they have to offer in person. They have literally anything you could ever need. Here are some of my faves that I’ve tried so far!


Fruit Pigmented Healthy Foundation – I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this at first (I hate most foundations), but this one has really grown on me! The ingredients are bomb – think peaches, acai oil, cocoa beans, and goji berries – which makes your skin look that much better without makeup over time. While it doesn’t perform the same (not as long lasting), it’s probably as close as you can get to a green beauty version of Estee Lauder Double Wear. If you are super, super oily you will LOVE this stuff! I have combination skin and I find that it dries me out some if I don’t prep properly. I like to use a good moisturizer (usually the Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer or Pacifica Coconut Probiotic Rehab Cream) and no primer. I’ve found that it looks like best when you apply it with a damp sponge (like Real Techniques!) and set it with a mineral face powder. Usually I put Alima Pure’s Satin Matte Foundation over it. For reference, I wear the lightest shade in this which is Alpine Rose (I’m a 1N1 in Double Wear and NW15 in MAC Pro Longwear). They definitely need to expand their shade range, but if you can find a close match you should try it out!

Swatch in Alpine Rose

Swatch in Alpine Rose

Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder – Attention Benefit Gimme Brow lovers, this is an exact green beauty dupe! It doesn’t officially launch until April 13th (I got lucky and found a special link to it last month), but scoop it up as soon as it does. It’s literally the same thing, only with amazing ingredients. I have it in the shade soft brown and it’s perfect!

Organic Rose Hydrosol – Who doesn’t love a good rose face spray? I like to use this when I’m too lazy to put on moisturizer or to set my makeup. Most rose sprays have a bunch of other BS ingredients in them, but not this one. It’s literally just organic roses and it’s only $15.

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What to Invest in for Your Wedding

Once you get over (or block out) the horrifying fact that a wedding can easily cost you over $20K (and that’s low for the national average), you have to decide where to spend that money. What aspects you invest most in will depend on you as a couple, but here are the categories that I’m most happy we invested in.

Venue: The second I set foot on the property at The Springs in Tulsa, I was sold. I could already see me and Worsham dancing in the reception area in my mind and the lake view was beyond perfect. Some couples prefer not to spend a lot of money on a place you only spend one day at, but having our dream venue is something I’ll never regret. It will be in all your pictures/video for eternity so you better love it!


Wedding Video: Everyone knows to invest in their photographers (shout out to Prickly Pair Photography!), but sometimes people skip on hiring a videographer. I considered this while I was still in the stages of sticker shock (WHY IS EVERYTHING A MILLION DOLLARS?!). Thankfully, my mom talked me out of skipping on a video. It is the one thing from that day besides your pictures that you’ll have forever – and the only thing that will take you back to the feeling of that day. SPEND THE MONEY. We just got our highlight film a couple days ago and it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve watched it like 100 times already and am not even remotely sick of it. If you’re in Oklahoma, check out Glorious Day Films!

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Five Love Lessons We Can Learn From The Bachelor

The Bachelor…it’s the show we all love to hate and hate that we love. It goes against everything we believe (having relationships with multiple people at once? ew), and yet it’s so addicting. I can’t look away even when it’s obnoxious people like Nick and Vanessa (have you ever seen a more fake couple in your life?!) who clearly already want to murder each other.

Nevertheless, there is still something to be learned about relationships from watching The Bachelor. Usually, it’s to do the opposite of what they do. Here’s what the show has reinforced for me.

Photo cred: Reality Steve

Photo cred: Reality Steve

You Can’t Force Love - No matter how much you want it or how much you’re ready, you can’t force love. You can’t just will your perfect match into existence. You can’t make a list of all the qualities you want and expect someone to drop out of the sky. I’m not saying don’t try to meet people; obviously you have to leave your house to have the possibility of finding your person. But don’t let your quest to hurry up and find the one overtake your life. Have fun being you and know the universe is taking care of it. As obnoxious as it is to hear when you’re single, it really is true: love finds you when you aren’t looking for it. Why? Prob because you don’t wreak of desperation.

Pick the “Easy Love” - This is something I will never understand. Why do people insist that love is “hard” and that it’s so much “work”? IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE. I will stick by this no matter what because I know it to be true: the right love is not hard. It’s easy. It’s like breathing. It’s being with your best friend. Is being with your best friend hard? NO. If it is, you’re chilling with the wrong people. Raven’s dad’s prayer for her to find easy love was perfect. It is the best thing you could ever hope for for yourself and those you love. Life is hard enough. Your love shouldn’t be.

Love is Not Enough - With that being said, love is not enough to make things last. It just isn’t! If you’re in the midst of one of those hard, life-altering, “this is work” relationships then you know this. Deep down everyone does. There has to be more to a relationship than just love and daydreams for it to work. Wait for your soul mate. Wait for your easy love. That is when you have the time and energy to build something that is enough and can last forever. And just because something requires time and energy doesn’t mean it’s hard or work. It’s not. When it’s the right person, doing those things are second nature and make you feel alive.

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What to Pack for Your Wedding Weekend

Worsham (1)

Ever since I was little, I’ve loved to make packing lists! There’s something about planning what I’ll need each day that gets me excited for whatever adventure is to come. My biggest packing extravaganza was definitely preparing for my month-long study abroad trip in France after sophomore year of college. But there’s something about planning what to pack for your wedding that makes it next-level real and exciting! Since Worsham and I got married near Tulsa (two hours from where we currently live), we had to pack for our wedding weekend and our honeymoon in Jamaica all at once. It can be a little overwhelming, which is why I made my list super early. Here’s what was on my list:

Wedding Day Outfits & Accessories – This includes the obvious things like your wedding dress, veil, shoes, rings, and earrings. Don’t forget about any other decorations you may have ordered (I ordered wedding wands & a ring bearer box off Etsy); what you want to wear while getting ready; your checkbook if you need to pay any vendors for extra hours; and any gifts you got for your bridesmaids/groomsmen and family members. And phone chargers (as if I need to remind anyone about their phones).

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Green Beauty Guide

Obsessed with makeup but want to start phasing out your toxic beauty faves? I’ve got you covered! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to totally transition to a clean beauty routine, but I love trying out green beauty products. Here are some of my favorite brands so far and what I love from them.


Gressa – You’ve already heard me rave about their foundation here, but there’s so much more Gressa has to offer! I also love their eye tints, especially Aureo which is a beautiful champagne color that’s perfect for your brow bones or as a highlighter. I’ve also tried samples of their skin care products and they didn’t disappoint! Their Dirty Pretty Things mask smells like a gingerbread cookie and leaves your skin glowing. Best of all, there’s no pore-clogging shea butter in any of their products!

100 Percent Pure – 100 Percent Pure has basically anything you could ever need, from foundation to body wash. My absolute favorite product from them so far is their nail polish, though! It’s hands down the best nail polish I’ve ever used, green or otherwise! It lasts forever and was my choice for the wedding. My favorite color is Velveteen, which is the perfect everyday mauve (not too pink and not too brown). I’m also a fan of their bronzer. It’s very similar to BareMinerals Warmth only it’s made out of cocoa pigments, coffee, and berries. Another noteworthy product is their Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream! While it doesn’t help with fine lines, it does help with puffiness and dark circles.

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High School Beauty Trends That We Got Right

Next year will be my 10-year high school reunion, which seems impossible! It seems like 5 seconds ago, especially since I’m still getting mistaken for a high school student on the reg (I hope this continues forever). While high school is always full of unfortunate choices, including those in the beauty realm, there are some things that our high school selves were spot on about. Let’s take a trip back to 2004 – 2008, shall we?

IMG_2118 1

1. Mineral Makeup – BareMinerals was THE thing in the early 2000s, and it’s even more majestic now. I don’t know about you, but high school me was not about that liquid foundation life. It was too much effort and too risky for acne-prone skin. BareMinerals Original Foundation was all I ever used until I was about 22 and I still have it on hand at all moments now. Unless I’m going out, 90 percent of the time I have on NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer with my tried-and-true Original Foundation over it. They recently expanded their shade range too! And their Gen Nude lip product line is basically the best thing that has happened in the past year. I NEED IT ALL.

2. Glossy, Pink Lips – Not gonna lie, I went overboard with the glossy pink lip thing for most of high school. I had on bubblegum pink Trish McEvoy lip gloss at basically every moment of my existence. Lip gloss always made for messy first kisses back in the day, but now it’s a nice change of pace from the super matte lip trend that’s happening now. Lip gloss formulas have gotten much better (NARS is one of the best), and some lipsticks have magical glossy finishes too. My current fave? BareMinerals Gen Nude Lipstick in Crave. It’s the perfect shade of pink without being the over-the-top Barbie shade that I gravitated toward in high school.

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How to Add Sentimental Touches to Your Wedding

Honoring your loved ones who have passed away on your wedding day can be tricky. You don’t want your special day overshadowed by their deaths, but at the same time you want to still feel like they are a part of it. Here’s how we incorporated our family members who had passed away into our wedding:

Memory Table – I’ll admit that at first I was against this idea because it sounded too much like a funeral, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Along with pictures of my and Worsham’s loved ones, we included pictures of us when we were kids and a collage of our engagement pictures. It was decorated with my grandma’s crystal candelabras that I had always loved. We decided not to have an actual sign that said “in memory” or anything like that. The table turned out to be really beautiful and was a nice reminder of everyone who was there in spirit.


Bouquet Accessories – Another thing brides can do is add in family pins/brooches to their bouquet stem. My dad passed away when I was 16 and he had a gold pin with his initials on it. We used that as well as one of my grandma’s gold flower brooches. They were subtle and tied in perfectly with how my bouquet looked. It was nice having a piece of both of them with me while my mom walked me down the aisle.


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Lessons from 2016

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

2016 was a weird one, am I right? It’s definitely my favorite year so far since it was the year I got to marry my best friend and then jet off to Jamaica, but it was still just all over the place in terms of highs and lows. I mean, the former host of the Apprentice won our election for God’s sake (#boybye). There was just no predicting what kind of misery and magic the year would bring. It was basically a Taylor Swift song. Here are the main things I took away from 2016 (aka The Year of the Wedding):

You Can’t Plan for Everything – I’m a planner when it comes to certain aspects of my life (only certain parts, because we Geminis are walking contradictions). One of those aspects was, of course, the wedding. What choice do you have when it comes to an event that’s so big? Now, I’m not saying not to plan things, but wedding planning was just one giant reminder that you can’t plan for everything. It’s impossible. Things will go wrong no matter what. Like the custom top for your dress (which you ordered a year before your wedding) looking like a Jersey Shore prom queen, despite working with the designer every step of the way, and it not being finished until the day before the wedding because the ratchetness had to be fixed. Or like finding out later that one of your bridesmaids didn’t have her dress until an hour before the wedding because the dress shop told her you had picked it up, when you had not. Or winging the entire ceremony because you never got time to rehearse. The universe doesn’t always oblige to our plans and that’s okay. Wedding problems always seem stupid when it’s over, but this really can apply to anything in life: it goes on.

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Beauty Review: Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation

There’s nothing I love more than trying out a new foundation, but I can’t stop coming back to the Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation!

FullSizeRenderIt’s been my fave since May for so many reasons. Here’s why:


  • 100 percent organic – HUGE PLUS! Have you ever looked at how many gross and toxic makeup ingredients there are, especially in foundation? You won’t have that problem with any product from Gressa.
  • Literally looks like supermodel skin – Bad skin day? Who cares? This stuff is like brushing on a perfect face. I’ve never seen anything come close to this finish, and it covers everything. You can do sheer or full coverage depending on what you want since it’s a serum foundation. It’s basically Photoshop in a bottle.
  • Makes your actual skin look 100x better – Probably my favorite thing about this foundation is that it makes my skin without makeup look way better thanks to the amazing ingredients. I guess that’s why they call it a “multivitamin for your face.” But isn’t that what BB and CC creams do too? No. This is next-level. This is the Victoria’s Secret Angel skin you’ve always wanted.

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The Ultimate Wedding Day Makeup Guide

Without a doubt, the most fun part of wedding planning for me (besides picking out our cake!) was deciding what makeup I was going to wear. I became obsessed with researching to find makeup that not only would last all night, but also look natural in person. If you’re like me and hate how makeup artists make you look 99% of the time, then don’t be afraid to do your makeup yourself! You know what you like best and what you can live with being on your face in pictures forever.



I stuck to the French rule of thumb that less is more. While a heavy contour/dark smoky-eye look can be very pretty in pictures, it’s extremely easy to over do it and look like a clown in person. I didn’t feel like risking it, and actually didn’t even wear any bronzer on the big day.

But no matter what look you’re going for, these products are awesome choices that will last throughout all the kissing, tears, and dancing!


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