Lessons from 2016

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2016 was a weird one, am I right? It’s definitely my favorite year so far since it was the year I got to marry my best friend and then jet off to Jamaica, but it was still just all over the place in terms of highs and lows. I mean, the former host of the Apprentice won our election for God’s sake (#boybye). There was just no predicting what kind of misery and magic the year would bring. It was basically a Taylor Swift song. Here are the main things I took away from 2016 (aka The Year of the Wedding):

You Can’t Plan for Everything – I’m a planner when it comes to certain aspects of my life (only certain parts, because we Geminis are walking contradictions). One of those aspects was, of course, the wedding. What choice do you have when it comes to an event that’s so big? Now, I’m not saying not to plan things, but wedding planning was just one giant reminder that you can’t plan for everything. It’s impossible. Things will go wrong no matter what. Like the custom top for your dress (which you ordered a year before your wedding) looking like a Jersey Shore prom queen, despite working with the designer every step of the way, and it not being finished until the day before the wedding because the ratchetness had to be fixed. Or like finding out later that one of your bridesmaids didn’t have her dress until an hour before the wedding because the dress shop told her you had picked it up, when you had not. Or winging the entire ceremony because you never got time to rehearse. The universe doesn’t always oblige to our plans and that’s okay. Wedding problems always seem stupid when it’s over, but this really can apply to anything in life: it goes on.

Worrying is Even More Pointless On a related note, worrying is also a waste. I can’t tell you how many journal entries I have worrying about this and that wedding issue and how many times I started bawling at home with Worsham – only to realize after it was all over that nothing I worried about even happened. My main fears of the day were: 1) crying babies during the ceremony (never happened – THANK YOU, BABY JESUS), 2) tripping down the aisle (almost happened but it didn’t), and 3) falling off the staircase into the reception (that thing is cray steep!). Despite it being a crazy day with unplanned obstacles, it still turned out fab and I don’t think anyone really noticed what went wrong anyway. Plus, we got super lucky with the weather – 70s and sunny! My worries were misplaced and just a general waste of time because at the end of the day, whatever is going to happen is going to happen. There’s nothing you can do about it so just go with the flow and handle it as it comes.

Take Care of Yourself First – 2016 just reinforced that I should never feel bad about treating myself, whether it’s yoga, massage, lounging around and doing literally nothing (my fave), or buying new makeup. Honestly, taking care of myself was one of the main things that kept me from losing my mind last year. The best person to take care of you is you, and it’s the only way we have energy to devote to the people we love.

What did you learn this year?




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