How to Deal with “Stress Acne”


Can your acne really be caused by stress/emotional turmoil?

According to dermatologists, and my face, the answer is yes.

I think that there is psychological stress and there is physical stress, and I see changes in people’s skin as a result of the two. Both types cause a release of cortisol, which is our major stress hormone in our body. Cortisol works on the testosterone pathway, and one of the more common things we see in direct response to raising cortisol levels is acne – Dr. Anne Chapas (via Huffington Post

Since there are so many different things that can cause acne, “stress” never really struck me as a huge reason for breakouts until recently. For the first few months of 2018, my face was pretty close to flawless. I did have my annoying battle with PR, but luckily it spared my face. My face was thriving. It was living its best life.

Then in mid-March, my skin went insane.

I figured I was probably eating too much sugar or my impending period was simply making my face be a douche. These are the two usual culprits to my skin woes, and I know how to deal with them pretty well at this point. I stopped eating as much sugar, upped my probiotics/lysine intake, bought my trusty Cosmetic Warrior mask from Lush, and waited for my period to be over.

Nothing was working as well as it usually did. My face continued lashing out like a 15-year-old day after day, month after month. I even did a parasite cleanse in an attempt to kill whatever was causing it. It didn’t help, but it did make my stomach flatter so that was cool.

At this age, it’s just annoying to still get breakouts. I’ve been dealing with this since I was 12. Let me live already!

The more time passed, the more I began to suspect that this breakout battle had nothing to what I ate and everything to do with how I felt. I’d been off and on an emotional roller coaster of my own making since March. It’s also been super busy at work since April. Add these two things together and it’s no wonder my skin was being ratchet. I tried taking a bunch of vitamin A and zinc because your zinc levels can get depleted during stressful times and Accutane is a derivative of vitamin A. This combination did start helping my breakouts, but I had vertigo the day after I took it and felt weird AF the entire week. Not cute.

Long story short, I turned to Phyllis – the iridologist I’ve been seeing for 15+ years in Sapulpa. She confirmed what I thought about my acne being stress-related and came up with a plan for me. I’m sharing it below for any of you who suspect this might be your acne culprit as well!

- Gaba (2x day) - Gaba is widely used for depression and anxiety. It’s great in combination with l-theanine! Gaba is also said to naturally increase HGH in the body, which can help with muscle tone, heart disease, and weight loss.

- L-Theanine (2x day) - L-theanine is no stranger to me! It’s what I popped all day during our wedding to calm my nerves. It also helps with anxiety and concentration.

- D3 (1x day) - Vitamin D is what you get from the sun that makes you feel super chill. I love me some sun, but my paleness can’t handle it very long – that’s where this supplement comes in. It helps with skin repair, skin cell growth, and supports your overall immune system.

- Adrenalplex (1x day) - This is a combination of supplements such as vitamin C, B6, pantothenic acid, pregnenolone, and more. Pregnenolone in particular is said to aid skin disorders and pantothenic acid helps with skin issues, anxiety, and hormonal imbalances.

- Liquid Calcium & Magnesium Support (2x day) - This is another great combo! Calcium helps your heart, muscles, and nervous system while magnesium is said to combat stress, headaches, and PMS.

This combo has been helping a lot! While I still have a few small pimples here and there, my face is starting to return to its thriving state. I also started taking Dr. Axe Multi Collagen pills again recently, which could have helped as well.

Happy Sunday! Be kind to yourself.



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