How I Treated My Pityriasis Rosea

Photo Cred: Into the Gloss

Photo Cred: Into the Gloss

For the past 2+ months, I’ve been dealing with an obnoxious skin condition called pityriasis rosea (PR). PR is a red, scaly rash that looks similar to ringworm and has no proven cause or cure. It usually just vanishes by itself after 2 months or so without treatment. It starts with a large herald patch or two and then spreads from there. While it’s not contagious and doesn’t mean you have something wrong with you, it can take a toll on your self-esteem. The other sucky part is that there isn’t much a dermatologist can do for you besides assure you that it is PR and you’re not dying.

I could be wrong, but I believe mine might be linked to stress. The first time I had PR was shortly after Worsham and I got engaged and started wedding planning. It wasn’t that bad of an outbreak – I only had two or three larger spots on my stomach that went away after a month of using coconut oil and lavender essential oil.

This time, however, was another story. Mine has been on my stomach, back, arms, and even my neck (luckily, it spared my face). While it’s not completely gone yet (it’s still a tiny bit noticeable on my neck), it’s about 99 percent gone. Whether this is mostly due to time or what I’ve been doing, I can’t say for sure, BUT I noticed a significant and quick improvement using the products below. If you’re anywhere near Oklahoma, I highly recommend going to see Phyllis at Rock Creek Vitamins in Sapulpa. She’s an amazing iridologist and told me what supplements I needed to be using. I tried a million things before this and none of them worked as well as the products below. Seriously, I was so upset and desperate that I googled PR remedies every single day. I even went to a tanning salon and tanned once (it was free since I was a “new person” – little did they know I used to be addicted to tanning!). It did nothing except remind me why I stopped tanning in the first place. Spare yourself the effort and at least try the supplements. Also, if you’re itchy take some Benadryl at night!


L-Lysine - I’ve taken lysine before for acne so I figured it might help! It did. Phyllis recommended 3,000 mg per day. Lysine is also said to be great for treating cold sores.

Probiotics - You guys already know I can’t live without probiotics! You should take a quality probiotic every day no matter what is going on. I upped my dosage of my fave Garden of Life Raw Probiotics for Women (3 pills per day instead of my usual 1).

B-100 - B vitamins are not only great for energy and stress, they also are good for your skin. B12 in particular can help with redness, dryness, and inflammation.

Pure Planet Red Marine Algae Plus – Algae is great for fighting inflammation, detoxing heavy metals from the body, and can even lower cholesterol.

Aqua Flora Candida Formula - TBH I never think about having too much candida (yeast) in my body unless I get a yeast infection. Apparently having too much yeast is pretty common though, especially when you eat a ton of dairy products like I do. I will give up my cheese for NO ONE, so this product is nice to have on hand and really helped with my PR.

Skin Care

Crude Personal Care Wash – My best friend recommended this and I love it! It’s a soap-free, organic body wash that you can also use as a lotion. I’m not sure that it really helped my PR, but it didn’t irritate it like my other body washes did. It smells and feels amazing! The only downside was I went through it pretty fast because I was slathering it all over my spots.

Nature’s Gate Oatmeal Lotion – When I think of rashes, I automatically think of oatmeal products. This was a great lotion that really helped with my itching and didn’t further irritate my skin.

Rodan & Fields Soothe Sensitive Skin Treatment – THIS! Aside from the supplements, this has been the most effective for clearing up my rash. It’s not organic and I don’t really know why it works, but it does. This is why I haven’t been able to stop using their skincare after all these years. Rodan and Fields will forever be my ride or die.

I hope this helps! If you’re suffering from PR, I feel you. It really sucks more than people realize. Hopefully in the future there will be an effective treatment that our derms can prescribe. Just know that the end is in sight and there are effective alternative methods out there. No one wants to hear “just wait it out.”


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