High School Beauty Trends That We Got Right

Next year will be my 10-year high school reunion, which seems impossible! It seems like 5 seconds ago, especially since I’m still getting mistaken for a high school student on the reg (I hope this continues forever). While high school is always full of unfortunate choices, including those in the beauty realm, there are some things that our high school selves were spot on about. Let’s take a trip back to 2004 – 2008, shall we?

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1. Mineral Makeup – BareMinerals was THE thing in the early 2000s, and it’s even more majestic now. I don’t know about you, but high school me was not about that liquid foundation life. It was too much effort and too risky for acne-prone skin. BareMinerals Original Foundation was all I ever used until I was about 22 and I still have it on hand at all moments now. Unless I’m going out, 90 percent of the time I have on NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer with my tried-and-true Original Foundation over it. They recently expanded their shade range too! And their Gen Nude lip product line is basically the best thing that has happened in the past year. I NEED IT ALL.

2. Glossy, Pink Lips – Not gonna lie, I went overboard with the glossy pink lip thing for most of high school. I had on bubblegum pink Trish McEvoy lip gloss at basically every moment of my existence. Lip gloss always made for messy first kisses back in the day, but now it’s a nice change of pace from the super matte lip trend that’s happening now. Lip gloss formulas have gotten much better (NARS is one of the best), and some lipsticks have magical glossy finishes too. My current fave? BareMinerals Gen Nude Lipstick in Crave. It’s the perfect shade of pink without being the over-the-top Barbie shade that I gravitated toward in high school.

3. Maybelline Mascara – I will sing Maybelline’s praises forever and ever. Their mascaras are simply the best. Expensive ones never live up to this drugstore favorite, and this is something our high school selves always knew. My fave back then was the Full N’ Soft mascara (still a classic), but my favorite since college has been Falsies. It’s the best!

4. NARS Blush – I first heard about the greatness that is NARS at a pom practice during sophomore year of high school. I bought my first blush from them not long after and I’ve loved it ever since! I rediscovered how much I love it over Christmas when my mom let me go on a giant shopping trip at Ulta with her points. Their blushes just can’t be beat, and they last forever! My first one probably would have lasted me over 5 years if I hadn’t finally realized how old it was and thrown it away. Super Orgasm was my favorite shade in high school because of the glitter, but my fave now is Orgasm. Peachy pink blush will never die.

5. Colored Eyeliner – While I’m too lazy to put on eyeliner most of the time in my old age, high school me was all about a Kardashian-level smoky eye with eggplant purple eyeliner. Dark purple eyeliner is still something I have on hand all the time now too. It really makes brown/hazel eyes pop without being too overbearing.

What high school beauty trends do you still love?



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