Green Beauty Guide

Obsessed with makeup but want to start phasing out your toxic beauty faves? I’ve got you covered! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to totally transition to a clean beauty routine, but I love trying out green beauty products. Here are some of my favorite brands so far and what I love from them.


Gressa – You’ve already heard me rave about their foundation here, but there’s so much more Gressa has to offer! I also love their eye tints, especially Aureo which is a beautiful champagne color that’s perfect for your brow bones or as a highlighter. I’ve also tried samples of their skin care products and they didn’t disappoint! Their Dirty Pretty Things mask smells like a gingerbread cookie and leaves your skin glowing. Best of all, there’s no pore-clogging shea butter in any of their products!

100 Percent Pure – 100 Percent Pure has basically anything you could ever need, from foundation to body wash. My absolute favorite product from them so far is their nail polish, though! It’s hands down the best nail polish I’ve ever used, green or otherwise! It lasts forever and was my choice for the wedding. My favorite color is Velveteen, which is the perfect everyday mauve (not too pink and not too brown). I’m also a fan of their bronzer. It’s very similar to BareMinerals Warmth only it’s made out of cocoa pigments, coffee, and berries. Another noteworthy product is their Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream! While it doesn’t help with fine lines, it does help with puffiness and dark circles.

Pacifica – Pacifica is awesome because it’s affordable and can be found at Ulta and Target! I really like their hair products (only available at Ulta, FYI) and eyeshadow. Their skincare products look pretty fab too (um, who wouldn’t want to try micellar cactus water?!). I use their Native Flower Nourishing Hair Oil basically every day.

Alima Pure – Alima Pure is the BareMinerals of the green beauty world. They have pretty much everything, but are best known for their mineral foundation. It’s the only thing I’ve tried from them so far and I really like it! I often rotate between it and my BareMinerals Original Foundation. Plus it comes in a lot of different shades! If you’re allergic to the bismuth oxychloride in BareMinerals, give Alima Pure a try.

Axiology – I’m obsessed with this lipstick! It feels like lip balm, looks glossy, and comes in a bunch of cool colors. They have your traditional pinks and reds along with edgier picks like purple, blue, and black. And the packaging is gorgeous! It’s gold and reminiscent of YSL, only with those cool click-open tops. I want all of them.

What are your fave green beauty brands?


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