Finally! An Affordable Alternative to Rodan & Fields Unblemish


After literally YEARS of searching, I finally found an acne product line that works even better than Rodan and Fields Unblemish. Guess what the best news is? It’s only $46 for all three products. No, this isn’t sponsored – it’s just that good. My skin hasn’t been this consistently clear ever.

Although I wish I could tell you the solution I found is organic, it’s not. I had zero luck with all the organic products I tried. Some seemed promising at first, only to let me down weeks later. Instead I started searching for similar products to R&F. That led me to Paula’s Choice. I’d heard about the brand on several of my favorite vloggers’ channels, but never thought much of it. I was dedicated to my R&F. The products DO work; I’m not hating on them (my mom sells them after all). The price is insane though, especially after purchasing our first home. I just couldn’t keep throwing away $100 on my fave acne lotion that barely has any product in it.

After two months, I can confidently say that Paula’s Choice Clear Regular Strength Acne Treatment is legit. It’s 1,000 times better than what I expected, and actually outperforms R&F in my opinion. I tried the travel size kit first just in case it sucked, but quickly realized it was amazing. It comes with a cleanser, pore exfoliating toner (with salicylic acid), and clear skin treatment (with benzoyl peroxide). To be honest, I was never really a fan of the toner in the Unblemish kit; I actually couldn’t use it very often because glycolic acid and my skin do not mix. It always breaks me out after a while. I was a little leery of the Paula’s Choice toner since it contains castor oil ( which is a purging oil), but I never experienced any skin purging. It’s just been clear, and the occasional pimples I do get are significantly smaller and not a big deal. The skin treatment looks good under my makeup just like Unblemish did.

I’m seriously blown away by the quality of these products and the fact that more people don’t know about them. I don’t have any before and after pictures to show you because I didn’t think it would work. I’ve gotten my hopes up so often that I didn’t even bother!

Like all acne products, your skin can get dried out if you use too much. When that happens, I just skip the skin treatment and use some Cerave PM Lotion (if it’s during the day) or Crude’s Bloom Oil (if it’s at night; also I’m obsessed with this oil and use it as eye cream. Bonus – it’s organic!).

So if you’ve loved R&F Unblemish like me and are tired of spending so much money, give Paula’s Choice a shot. You can’t go wrong when it’s only $13 for a travel size kit!



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