2018 Summer Essentials


I don’t know about where you are, but in Oklahoma we basically just skipped spring. It’s in the 90s here and I’m not ready for it. Fall is my one true love, but at least this heathenous heat means that pool time is almost here! Here are some of my must-have items for when it’s too hot to be alive.

Pacific Deodorant Wipes - I’ve been contemplating buying these for months now, and I’m so glad I finally did! These are perfect to keep in your purse or gym bag. I’ve committed to switching to natural deodorant and these are making the switch much easier. Sometimes I smell a little funky by lunchtime and these wipes are a life saver (I’ve come to the conclusion that some funk can’t be avoided no matter what organic deodorant you use). I’m never going anywhere without them again.

Schmidt’s Geranium Flower Sensitive Skin Deodorant - You guys, I’ve tried SO many natural deodorants over the past two years that I can’t even remember all of them. This one is definitely my fave! It smells amazing and lasts the longest of any of them that I’ve used (though I still need to freshen up some days). It’s great for people who are allergic to baking soda as well. Worsham used it (stole it from me) for a week and it lasted really well on him too.

Crude Oil Cleansing Method - The struggle is real when it comes to converting to an organic skincare line. I’ll be doing a full review on this later, but so far Crude Personal Care’s Oil Cleansing Starter Kit (along with their Bloom oil at night) is the only thing that works as well as my beloved Rodan and Fields. My best friend swears by this stuff and has been trying to get me to use it for a while now. I couldn’t be more obsessed! Plus it takes like 10 seconds to use, which is extra nice in the lazy summer months, and it gives you a supermodel glow. For 15% off click here!

MAC Studio Fix Powder - Let’s be real, this is in my purse year-round because I can turn into a puddle at any moment. It’s an oldie but goodie for a reason!

Pacifica Crystal Glow Power Shimmer Body Lotion - That’s a mouthful! I’m obsessed with this lotion. It gives you a nice glow without looking glittery and juvenile. The scent is very light (I can’t even smell it actually) and really helps my Edward Cullen skin to not look so dead (or undead).

Pacifica Hair & Body Mist in Hawaiian Ruby Guava - FYI: Pacifica is the greatest. This is another one that I don’t know how I lived so long without. My hair tends to smell a little burnt sometimes (thank you, flat iron!) and this takes care of it. The scent smells like a trip to the Bahamas, and who doesn’t love that?

What are your favorite products for summer?


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