5 Amazing Oils for Your Skin

With school starting up again (or if you’re old like me, work…that never ended to begin with) everyone wants to have their skin in the best condition possible. Let’s all take a beauty note from Cleopatra and remember to slather ourselves in these ancient gems.


1. Elemi - Elemi is like poor man’s Frankincense – it can be used for practically everything, but it’s not nearly as expensive. I’ve gotten the most results out of it on my scars. I scar super easily and when I use this even just once, I notice it’s lighter the next day. It smells kind of weird, but when it works this well, who cares? It’s also said to be beneficial for wrinkles.

2. Grape seed – Grape seed oil is a must-have for any essential oil junkie because it’s a carrier oil that can be used to dilute oils that are too strong. I use it all the time instead of body lotion because it’s so moisturizing, and I even use it on my face when it gets too dry (it won’t break you out!). It contains essential fatty acids and is said to promote skin elasticity.

3. Patchouli - Some people can’t stand patchouli because of its strong smell, but I love it! In addition to easing nausea, this “hippie” oil is also believed to help regenerate skin cells and relieve symptoms of eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis.

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4 Unexpected Things That Happen After You Get Engaged

Photo cred: Etsy

Photo cred: Etsy

It’s been almost a month since Tyler popped the question – how has it already been that long?! People keep asking if I feel different. Aside from wanting to be all over him at all moments, gazing upon my ring every 30 seconds, and randomly screaming when I remember it’s FINALLY HAPPENING, then not much is different. But I have noticed a few changes!

1. Going to the gym is easier - Everyone loves the idea of exercise, but sometimes it’s hard to be motivated to do more than just yoga once a week. Since getting engaged, though, I find it way easier to make it to the gym and actually stay there an acceptable length of time. It probably has something to do with the fact that wedding pictures are for life so you might as well look as hot as possible – let’s be real.

2. You want to learn how to cook - Everyone who knows me knows I can only cook one thing from scratch: homemade spaghetti. I’ve gone my entire 25 years of existence without needing to cook anything else that is considered a real meal. In college my favorite thing to live off of was fish sticks because they’re amazing, don’t even lie. So I pretty much never cook, which is fine because Tyler is amazing at it. But since getting the sparkles bestowed upon me, I’m kind of like…hmm, maybe I do want to make things for him sometimes. I even went so far as to sign up for Blue Apron (and I love it! Review to come soon.).

3. You look back at your ex with indifference – We all know everyone has that one ex that meant more than all the other exes combined – blah, blah, blah. After The One proposes though, it’s as if all past hurt and anger toward the male species completely vanishes. Sure, it had basically already vanished anyway, but this grand gesture of undying love and sparkles completely solidifies what you already knew deep down: no one else ever mattered this much.

4. People don’t ask you when you’re having kids as often - You’d think that wouldn’t be the case, but I’ve actually only had one person ask me that since getting engaged – which is saying something because people usually ask all the time. Everyone is so excited about the wedding and when the date is that they don’t even bring up babies. FINALLY! It’s a nice change of pace, especially since when people ask how many we’d like I say zero, unless we’re talking about cat babies. Will we change our minds when we’re over 30 (well, when I’m over 30…30 isn’t that far off for Tyler)? Ehh, maybe. I’m just glad everyone’s shut up about it for now. #GIVEMEALLTHECATS

Engaged/married people, what surprised you about getting engaged?





You Have No Chill: Why The Media Needs to Calm Down Over Alpha Phi at ‘Bama

If you haven’t noticed, the media has now transferred their hatred of SAE at OU to Alpha Phi at the University of Alabama. This “scandal” also involves a video – however, a professionally made one for their sorority recruitment. I was going to ignore the entire thing but after seeing it blow up on E! News (aren’t you supposed to just cover celebrities?!) and pretty much everywhere else, I decided to throw in my two cents.

Photo cred: Daily Caller

Photo cred: Daily Caller

A.L. Bailey called the video “a parade of white girls and blonde hair dye, coordinated clothing, bikinis and daisy dukes, glitter and kisses, bouncing bodies, euphoric hand-holding and hugging, gratuitous booty shots, and matching aviator sunglasses. It’s all so racially and aesthetically homogeneous and forced, so hyper-feminine, so reductive and objectifying, so Stepford Wives: College Edition. It’s all so … unempowering.”

While I can understand concern over the lack of diversity in the video, I can’t understand the level of backlash it has caused. Is anyone actually shocked to “learn” that there are so many white people in fraternities and sororities? How is this news? Going Greek is probably the WASP-iest thing one can do in college. While minorities do go through recruitment, there simply aren’t as many going through as there are white people…probably because it’s such a white thing to do. Unless you go to a school that is predominantly not white, the Greek life there is going to be super vanilla no matter where you live. 

But I digress, my problem isn’t the fact that people are offended by the lack of diversity. The problem is the fact that the press is so utterly offended by the “hyper-feminine” nature of the video. Yes, because being blonde and blowing glitter kisses is TOTES offensive and just way TOO feminine. I forgot that in order to be taken seriously as a woman, all feminine things must be banished so as not to seem “too” feminine in this manly world. Get real, people. Being pissed off about a video being hyper-feminine makes about as much sense as the new-found concept of “period shaming” – (you aren’t “shaming” your periods just because you wear a tampon…it’s a little thing called personal hygiene. Ain’t nobody wanna bleed all over their clothes all day; that’s just disgusting.) Could they have included some actual information about the house? Well, yeah…but random stats are not the point of a highlight video outside the world of sports. The point of rush week is to learn more about all facets of the sorority from the girls themselves. It’s pretty clear the video was just meant to be fun.

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How to Move On Without Closure

Photo cred: Glitter Guide

Photo cred: Glitter Guide

Oh, closure. Such a small word that can carry so much weight when it comes to moving on from a relationship that’s ended. We always want, at the very least, a “sorry” from our exes once it’s all said and done, but a lot of the time that doesn’t happen. And sometimes it makes it harder to move on – harder, but not impossible! (Trust me, I’m engaged now ;) ) So what do you do when you don’t get the luxury of tying off your past love affair with that neat little closure bow? Here are some things that helped me back in the day:

1. Write Letters - A good chunk of my journal is filled with letters I wrote to my ex shortly after I found out he had a side chick, and after I finally cut him off for good a few months later – letters I never sent, of course. It’s important to write everything down that you want to say to him just for the sole purpose of getting it out of you. You can’t carry around that much sadness and anger inside of you forever, and there’s no better place to get it out than on paper. Plus, it makes for great inspiration later on – a reminder of how far you’ve come and potential inspiration for future writing ventures. I can honestly say writing all of these letters helped me more than anything else I did.

(Fair warning to the male species, don’t date a writer if you’re a manwhore. We will write about you forever and never feel bad about it. Just look at T Swift. Players gonna play, writers gonna write!)

2. Read Self-Improvement Books - Two words: Gabby Bernstein. I love her. If you don’t know who she is, she’s a best-selling author and life coach. She’s also a recovered drug addict who had her fair share of bad relationships, but was able to totally turn her entire life around. Basically, she knows what the heck she’s talking about. I read Spirit Junkie before I even broke up with my ex and it was part of the reason I started realizing how unhealthy our relationship was. I also turned to it again after we broke up and focused more on the meditations she recommended, especially the forgiveness ones. Your journal is for being sad and angry, the book is for trying to forgive your ex…and yourself too. Naturally I was upset with myself for allowing him to treat me so poorly. I had made myself a victim and it wasn’t cool, but Gabby’s advice really helped me to get past it.

3. Make a List of Pros and Cons – Writing down a list of pros and cons about your ex can really help put things into perspective, mostly because 99 percent of the time the con list will be way longer. This is good for when you’re feeling all vulnerable and want to reach out in hopes of them apologizing. Don’t. Remember why it ended in the first place! Don’t allow your feelings to cloud what you know in your heart is true: you deserve better. It also helps to think of how you’d want your best friend or future child to be treated. Would you want them to be with someone like your ex? Probably not. And the pro list just helps you to not be so pissed at yourself for falling in love with a douchebag. I mean, they weren’t completely douchey, right? Mostly, but not completely. Just remember that no one is a waste of time; everyone you encounter is either a blessing or a lesson. The next person could be the biggest blessing of your life. Oh, hey fiancé! :)

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Noteworthy Style / Beauty News: August 2015

New month, new things to be excited about! Here’s a look at what’s fab this August!

1. New Vera Bradley DesignsI’m not talking about new quilted floral print duffle bags like we all have, I’m talking actual classic purse designs that don’t make you look like a college sorority girl. Vera has finally gone post-grad, and the result is amazing! The cheetah print satchel is calling my name.


Photo cred: Vera Bradley


2. Treat Non-Toxic Nail Polish - This Berlin-based company is making waves in the U.S. Their polish is formulated without harsh chemicals found in most nail polishes. It’s a little pricier ($18) but after seeing the list of chemicals in most polishes and what they’re commonly used for (gross!), I’d say it’s worth it.

Photo cred: Makeup Counter Culture

Photo cred: Makeup Counter Culture

3. Shop Betches Workout CollectionLeave it to The Betches to make sassy workout clothes that you’ll actually want to wear! Their latest collection features fab tanks with sayings like “Namast’op I Can’t Even” and “When you kinda wanna just do it, but not really”. Their tanks really are the comfiest things you’ll ever buy! I’ll prob end up getting one now that I’m going into bridal tone-up mode.

Photo cred: Shop Betches

Photo cred: Shop Betches

4. Bumble & Bumble Don’t Blow It - Finally, an anti-blow dry cream! I never blow dry my hair completely (except for my bangs) so I can’t wait to see if this stuff lives up to the hype! It’s hard to keep this frizzy hair from looking cray without a flat iron.

Photo cred: Bumble & Bumble

Photo cred: Bumble & Bumble

What are you looking forward to this August?