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The Proposal! 7/25/15



Those of you who follow the blog know all about Tyler (I actually only call him that on here; everyone else calls him by his last name!). I mention him in every relationship post I write since he’s a unicorn in a sea of manwhores. You’re prob wanting to barf, I know. But if he exists that means others like him exist too! You just have to find them. ;)

Anyway, this past Saturday was the 3 year anniversary of our first date (also known as Worsham Wednesday). Since he let me pick out my engagement ring (yassss!) back in the beginning of June, I suspected that he’d probably choose Worsham Wednesday to propose since the date has always meant so much to us both.

We had a wedding to go to that afternoon for one of my co-workers so we were both already dressed up. A little over an hour before the wedding was supposed to start, Tyler asked if we could leave early because he had a surprise for me. I knew what was about to happen, but I had no idea where he was taking me! We pulled into the parking lot at his family’s church in Yukon and he said we were going to do a couple’s photo-shoot. We walked over to a little picnic area behind the church where the photographer was waiting for us. She started out taking some pictures of us on a bench and my lips couldn’t stop shaking because I was so excited, but she still managed to get some great ones! After that she led us over to a cute picnic blanket and Tyler pulled out a book that he’d written about our relationship, aptly titled “More than People”. (One time when he was drunk he told me he loved me “more than people”, and we’ve never stopped saying that since). Being that it’s July in Oklahoma, it was hot as balls out so he just read a page or two and then skipped to the final chapter (marriage, of course!), and got down on one knee. It still seems surreal!

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Products to Keep You from Melting at Summer Weddings

For reasons that are beyond my comprehension, people in the south love getting married in the summer despite it easily reaching 115 degrees (that won’t be me! Hello, fall!). Despite being from Oklahoma, the heat is something I will always despise and never get used to. It gets completely unbearable! But alas, there are some events that take place in summer (outside…ugh!) that we can’t or don’t want to talk our way out of; sometimes we must leave the sweet gift from above that is our air conditioner. So whether you have to survive an outdoor wedding, sorority recruitment, or just don’t want to look like sweaty puddle of grossness the next time you go to the pool, these products are for you!

Photo cred: The Wedding Chicks

Photo cred: The Wedding Chicks

1. Mitchum Deodorant – My grandma swore by this stuff, and with good reason. I started using it during sorority recruitment my sophomore year and haven’t looked back since. While it won’t completely keep you from sweating if you’re sitting outside forever, it will keep you much dryer than most deodorants because it has the highest percentage of whatever that ingredient is that keeps you from getting vile. It has more active ingredients than most men’s deodorants even! It keeps you smelling fresh and has Vitamin E in it. Tyler has even been known to wear my deodorant at times because it’s just that powerful.

2. Murad Oil Control Lotion – I never went without this gem during college. I’d slather it on before every day of sorority recruitment (which was in the deathly heat of August and involves more physical activity than one would think) and wouldn’t need to touch up my makeup much at all. It’s like putting a soft-focus camera edit on your skin. Plus, it contains sunscreen and won’t break you out! I don’t use it very much anymore since I avoid going to events outside in the summer as much as humanly possible, but it’s amazing. Rodan & Fields’ Oil Control Lotion is what I use every day now and I love it. While it isn’t quite as effective as Murad’s (for me, anyway), it is very close and perfect for everyday use.

3. Peppermint Oil – YES. Peppermint oil is the greatest if you need to stay cool yet don’t want to look all awkward misting yourself with a spray bottle during your friend’s nuptials. It proved the full extent of its power to me when our AC went out last month and I slathered myself in it and actually felt cold enough to use a blanket when it was 90 degrees in our apartment. I’ll never go to a summer wedding without it again!

4. CoverGirl Trublend Pressed Powder – I just started using this a couple of weeks ago because my mom recommended it, but I’m already completely sold! I knew I’d like it, but I didn’t expect to notice how much it controls my oil. I don’t even need to put on oil control lotion unless I feel like it since this stuff is so good! It reminds me of my MAC Studio Fix Powder only way more affordable, and it looks just as pretty! The only thing you have to be careful about is the shade. I figured I’d be the lightest color since I’m so pale now, but it actually looked pretty weird. My mom told me to try it in translucent medium (shade 4 – which looks way darker in the compact than it actually is) instead and it looks 100 times better. It’s a little tanner than my body, but not so much to where it’s noticeable – it just looks like I have a little bit of bronzer on. Seriously, try this powder at your next sweaty event and see how much better your skin looks.

What are your favorite products for this terrible summer heat?



Best Drugstore Beauty Products!

Because sometimes you’d rather spend money on clothes or queso, and you should know that there are hidden gems at Walgreen’s that don’t cost a jillion dollars – and they work just as well as expensive products, if not better!


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7 Signs You’re An Aging Nineties Kid

1. You finally realize Kevin was the hottest Backstreet Boy – I watched that one Backstreet Boys documentary on Netflix last week and the whole time they showed clips from back in the 90s I was just thinking, when the eff was Kevin that hot? Why didn’t I notice? Oh yeah, because I was 9 and he was already a fully grown man. Not cute when you’re in fourth grade, but gah HE WAS HOT.

Photo cred: Backstreet Boys

Photo cred: Backstreet Boys

2. You become enraged every time you see “Clearly American” at Wal-Mart – I can’t be the only one who wants to knock these things off the shelves, am I right? Everyone knows Clearly Canadian is the original and the best. I don’t care if I’m American, it’s un-American to even want to purchase Clearly American. Bye.

Photo cred: Clearly Canadian

Photo cred: Clearly Canadian

3. You’ve been around long enough to see 90s trends resurface – Jellies are back. Birks are back. Gel pens are at Target again. Ripped jeans are back. Choker necklaces are trying to be back. Power beads are back. Pearly makeup is back. You get the idea.

Photo cred: Lipstick Alley

Photo cred: Lipstick Alley

4. You wish your cats could experience the joy of American Girl Dolls - You’re lying if you act like you don’t look at the entire American Girl Doll catalogue every Christmas at your parent’s house and wish you could share this with your cat children. Or human children if you have them. Whatever.

Photo cred: American Girl

Photo cred: American Girl

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