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Thoughts We Have During Engagement Season

June is almost here! Along with drinking a margarita in your new Triangl bikini, the summer months bring a slew of engagements blowing up our Facebook feeds. It’s exciting if they’re your actual friends or family members, but 90 percent of the time the ones all up on your feed are just acquaintances so it’s annoying. I mean, we all know we will be that person one day, but that’s beside the point! Here are thoughts that go through all of our heads during engagement season at one point or another (don’t even lie.)

Photo cred: The Huffington Post

Photo cred: The Huffington Post

1. REALLY?! - I’ve already seen 5 engagement notifications in the past 2 days.

2. That is the smallest ring I’ve ever laid eyes upon - Who knew something smaller than a 1/2 carat existed? How do you even act happy about it? Not cute. My face would totally give me away. Thank God Tyler knows better than to ever do that to me.

3. They’ve only been dating 3 months - No. Just no.

4. It took me that long to realize my ex was kind of cray - Love at first sight isn’t always right. In fact, it usually isn’t. Bye.

5. Remember when we almost got engaged after 3 months? Bahaha - 2011…not your smartest year, Kylee. Not your smartest year. At least I wrote a book that year though… that’s something.

6. Your life would suck right now if that’d actually happened - Ain’t nobody got time for living like a trophy wife doormat. So glad me “ruining the end of Harry Potter” made him change his mind about proposing during spring break that year. Because that makes sense. Actually, it does make sense now. #byefelicia

7. Good thing that sucky relationship led to the right one - If he only knew how happy his cheating escapades ended up making me in the long run. Little did I know, The One was sitting right next to me at the internship my ex thought I wouldn’t get.

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2 Year Blogiversary Giveaway!


In honor of my 2 year blogiversary last month, I’m giving away a Rodan & Fields Unblemish kit and Thieves Essential Oil Spray just in time for summer! I’ve been using Unblemish for a year now and it’s absolutely amazing. Nothing has kept my skin clearer! Thieves Spray is perfect to help keep you from getting sick. It’s an all-natural cleaning spray that’s small enough to toss in your purse. I spray it all over my office when someone is sick because I ain’t got time for their germs, plus it smells like Christmas in a bottle. The giveaway is running through May 27th so be sure to enter for your chance to win!



Beaded Bracelet Guide

The 90s have been making a total comeback this year! Remember when “power” beads were the coolest thing ever in elementary school (I still have mine)? Their 2015 twins are even better.


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National Women’s Health Week: Tips for Healthy Skin!

In honor of National Women’s Health Week, I’m sharing some ways you can help keep your skin healthy! Our skin is the biggest organ we have and it’s totally exposed to the world so we’ve got to treat it right. Plus, your skin is what can make you look young and healthy or older than you are. I’m just saying!

Womenshealth.gov - National Women's Health Week!

1. Get out of the tanning bed - I used to be addicted to tanning in high school. Despite having enough Native American blood to be a registered member of the Choctaw tribe, my real skin color is super white. I look healthier with a tan, but I totally overcompensated when I was younger. There are pictures of me where I straight up look like a different race. I tanned every other day my entire junior year, and a few times a week senior year. Not good! I finally stopped tanning completely 2 years ago when I noticed it was making my hands look old. Chilling in a tanning bed is relaxing, not going to lie, but it’s just not worth the risk of cancer…or premature aging. Spend your tanning salon money on safe alternatives instead, like St. Tropez Self-Tanning Mousse (my fave!) or Tan Towels.

2. Schedule a skin screening - I finally scheduled my first skin screening today. Even though all of my freckles look normal to me, it’s important to have a dermatologist check to be sure, especially if you have a history of tanning too much like I did. The Skin Cancer Foundation  recommends monthly self-checks in addition to annual skin screenings at your dermatologist’s office.

3. Add a splash of lemon to your water - We all know drinking a ton of water is good for us, but adding a slice of lemon or a drop of lemon essential oil to your water has some great benefits! Lemons are rich in vitamin C which keeps your immune system thriving and gives your skin that inner glow.

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