4 Must-Have Skin Savers for Fall


IT’S FINALLY OCTOBER!!! Don’t you want to stop whatever you’re doing and run screaming toward a giant Pumpkin Spice Latte while simultaneously watching Hocus Pocus? It sounds majestic, I know. While fall is clearly the greatest season of the year, it can be an awkward time for skin. Mine gets way drier than usual, while still somehow remaining slightly oily and prone to breakouts. It makes no sense. Here’s how to deal with that weird combo skin:

1. Grape Seed Oil - I’ve started washing my face with grape seed oil at night, and it’s kind of the greatest thing ever. The oil cleansing craze has interested me for a while, but I’ve been too paranoid to try anything besides this one because of breakouts. Grape seed oil is very gentle on skin and is high in linoleic acid, which prevents pores from clogging. After using a face wipe to remove makeup, massage the oil into your skin for about 2 minutes. Place a hot wash cloth over your face for a little while to open up your pores, then wipe any excess oil off. Your face will feel softer than baby skin!

2. Pumpkin Peel - Aside from the obvious fact that putting pumpkin on your face in October is just plain magical (and smells amazing), pumpkin peels are great for clearing up acne and preventing signs of aging. It contains a ton of Vitamin A and C, which are great for sloughing off dead skin cells and keeping free radicals at bay. You don’t have to pay to have a fancy spa treatment, though! There are a lot of affordable ones you can do at home, like this one from Mychelle. It is on its way to my mailbox as I write this!

3. Simple Lotion - Because everyone needs a simple face lotion when it starts getting cold. I love this stuff! It keeps me from getting crusty without feeling too heavy on my skin. Plus, it makes my foundation go on better.

4. Rodan & Fields Eye Cream - Don’t forget about your eyes! They’re the first place you start to see signs of aging. I’ve been using R&F’s eye cream for a couple of months now and love it. It’s improved the slight fine line action that’s been happening, and it keeps my eye area super moisturized. Bonus: it has a pearlescent look to it, so it instantly helps to brighten up dark circles!

What are your fave skin care products for fall?





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Beauty Review: NARS Orgasm Lip Gloss


I was a lip gloss addict all through high school, but at some point during college I forgot about its greatness. Lately, I’ve fallen back in love with it though. Lipsticks having been making my lips get all dry and ratchet – not cute. I’m over it. It’s time to return to the greatest lip product ever, besides Carmex: NARS lip gloss. And not just any NARS gloss, the one in the shade Orgasm. If you’re a beauty junkie, you’ve known about the amazingness that is NARS Orgasm/Super Orgasm blush, but you need the lip gloss too – trust me.

Much like the blush, it has a nice peachy pink shade with a hint of gold shimmer, making it the ultimate “your lips but better” shade. You don’t have to worry about your lips getting dry (it contains Vitamin E), you don’t have to worry about it getting on your teeth, and it looks just as fab with a little bit on as it does a lot. Basically, there’s no way to screw up and it’s always going to look fab no matter what the season is. Leave it to a Frenchman to perfect a shade this versatile! Plus, NARS lip glosses last forever. Seriously, I still have a little bit of one left that I purchased in high school. I’m 25 now. The formula isn’t obnoxiously sticky like most lip glosses are either. TRY IT!





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Fall Favorites for 2015

It’s almost FALL – the best season of the entire year! And while it still feels like summer here in Oklahoma, it was only in the 80s this weekend, which is a rarity for the middle of September. I celebrated this joyous occasion by lounging on the hammock with the cat children, drinking Redd’s Apple Ale with Worsham, and splurging on fall items in general. Here are my faves!

1. Signature Soy Candle in Autumn Harvest – There isn’t any link for this online yet, so get in your car and head to the nearest Target for this gem. As soon as I smelled it, I knew I wasn’t leaving the store without it. It’s probably the greatest fall candle to ever exist.


2. Sosie Olive Wrap Dress – Who doesn’t love a good wrap dress? They’re flattering on pretty much everyone and look awesome for both work and play. I love this one from Sosie! Olive has been showing up in stores a lot and it screams fall weather.

Photo cred: Shop Sosie

Photo cred: Shop Sosie

3. Mossimo Leisure Sweater – Target never fails to disappoint in the sweater department (or any department, if we’re being honest). I picked up a cool grey tank sweater this weekend (perfect for bipolar OK weather), which I also couldn’t’ find the link for, but this one looks just as comfy and fab!

Photo cred: Target

Photo cred: Target

4. Rustic Cuff – Rustic Cuff has become my latest obsession thanks to one of my aunts giving me a game day bracelet for my birthday this year! The brand is a fave of Miranda Lambert and Giuliana Rancic, and it’s easy to see why. My faves are the Emme and Madi bracelets – I get the kid’s sizes since my wrist is basically the size of a 5 year old’s, but they come in normal sizes too!

Photo cred: Rustic Cuff

Photo cred: Rustic Cuff

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Essential Oils You Can Use As Perfume

Fall is upon us and nothing, aside from leggings and PSLs, makes us more in a Hocus Pocus mood than a new perfume. Perfume isn’t good for you, though! There are a lot of gross synthetics and alcohol in it. Not cute. And I can’t be the only one who has gotten terrible headaches from a certain super famous French perfume. Anyway, here are some of my favorite essential oils that are not only good for you, they can easily replace your favorite perfumes!


1. Clary Sage – This is hands down my favorite oil to wear as perfume, and I wear it almost every day! It reminds me of a mix between a sweet musk and marshmallows, but it’s not sickly sweet like that old school 90s body spray that smelled like cotton candy. It’s way more subtle and relaxing. Something about it screams fall! Plus, it helps with PMS so it’s a win-win.

2. Joy – Joy is another one of my faves to wear! I wore it a lot last winter. It’s a mix of bergamot, ylang ylang, jasmine, rose, and ton of other oils that are expensive to buy on their own and often found in traditional perfume. It has a very romantic feel to it!

3. Stress Away – Stress Away is probably my favorite oil to diffuse because it’s so relaxing, but I wear it as perfume sometimes too on days when I feel stressed out. It contains vanilla, lime, copaiba (side note: this helps with cramps/pain in general), cedarwood, lavender, and ocotea. It reminds me of a fresh cup of tea!

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