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Holiday Gift Guide: Ladies Edition


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Currently Coveting: Luxe for Less

luxe for less

Beauty: Lip Stick (in Power Peony) / Eye Cream / Foundation

There’s nothing better than affordable items that look like something a millionaire might have, am I right? You don’t have to be rich to pull off a luxe look. Here are some of my faves/wish list items!

1. These Sole Society flats scream Kate Spade, but for half the cost. Definitely going to purchase these soon (if I haven’t already by the time this posts!) because 1) glitter and 2) they’ll go with everything.

2. I don’t know what it is about stack rings, but they instantly make you look fancier. They always remind me of the ones my Great Aunt Teney wore – she and my grandma always had the coolest jewelry!

3. Cat eye sunglasses = instant celeb.

4. I wanted to not like this zebra jewelry tray at first because it’s supposed to look like a zebra skin and hunting is disgusting. But I can’t stop looking at it. I mean it’s sparkly, dainty, and perfect for rings. It’s cute – I’ll stop over-thinking it now.

5. Sometimes furry decor can be too much, but done right it’s fab. And if there’s one thing I know about Target, it’s that everything there is always fab.

6. How cool are these pink agate coasters? I ordered some this weekend and can’t wait to see how they glam up the coffee table!

7. This Maybelline lipstick in Power Peony is practically a spot-on dupe for NARS Roman Holiday – the cult classic’s best blue-based pink. Love!

8. Why bother with La Mer when Rodan & Fields makes this gem of an eye cream? It’s super moisturizing and slightly pearlescent – perfect for priming your eyes before concealer.

9. My fave foundation these days is Benefit Hello Flawless. The last time I went to the dentist, my dental hygenist wouldn’t stop raving about it and how impressed she was that it wasn’t coming off while she cleaned my teeth! It looks majestic with a little bit of Cover Girl Tru Blend Powder over it.

What are your fave affordable but luxe items?


Outfit of the Day: Fall Prints


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Throwback Thursday: Beauty Post Round Up

Need a beauty fix? Here are some of my fave beauty posts!

Photo cred: Chronicles of Frivolity

Photo cred: Chronicles of Frivolity

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Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Photo cred: Taylor Lord Photography

Photo cred: Taylor Lord Photography

I said yes to the dress this weekend! I’m so excited about it that I can hardly stand it. I’d been dying to try on wedding dresses ever since I got my prom dress back in 2008. It’s been a long time coming! While it was a relatively painless process, picking out your dream wedding dress can be a little stressful. Here are some tips for you fellow brides-to-be!

1. Be open to trying different styles - I thought I knew exactly the kind of wedding dress I wanted: mermaid style, illusion neckline, tons of sparkles everywhere. Yet, when I put on sparkly mermaid dresses, they were kind of disappointing and didn’t look as great on as I thought they would. They were pretty, but didn’t have that bridal feel. One style I thought I definitely didn’t want was a ball gown. Guess what looked best on me and won me over? A ball gown. Guess what it doesn’t have on it at all (yet)? Sparkles. Basically, be open to anything – even if you think it doesn’t look amazing on the hanger. They always look different on you than the hanger/model/mannequin.

2. Bring very few people for your first visit – For Dress Hunt Part 1, my mom and I just went alone together. I’d definitely recommend taking minimal people for your first visit since you’re still trying to figure out a general style you like at this point. Too many opinions at this stage is too confusing. Keep it simple until your second visit, then bring a few of your closest friends along to help!

3. Check around for pricing – One dress I wanted to try on was about $300-$400 cheaper in Tulsa than in Edmond. Sure, that’s not like a massive difference but still…that’s $300 more that you don’t have to spend. If you have a store you always went to in high school/college that also sells bridal stuff, that’ll likely be your best bet! They already know you and will give you a better deal than some randos who have never seen you before. If you live in Oklahoma, try Alyssa’s Bridal! They’re the best and can customize your wedding dress to be exactly how you want it. The one I ended up picking is strapless, which I don’t want, so they’re going to add that illusion neckline I was looking for all along.

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